Is something available at the weekend?

Often we are asked if we still have a free limousine. Normally yes. However, it often depends on the desired time. Prime Times on Saturday (usually between 20 and 24 o'clock) for the usually one-hour tours are sold out faster than other times. If the group is flexible in terms of time then often something is possible at the times of the day. On Fridays it looks generally a bit better, as many customers are more likely to fall on Saturday. Before booking a short call is always recommended to us to talk about special time requests.

Return journeys from 2 o'clock at night to the special price, however, are often spontaneously bookable during the night. If you want to play it safe, you should better order a fixed time in advance. Often then spontaneous contact with the driver can be held, if the party mood lasts longer or earlier.

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Für 5 Sammel-Punkte gibt es z.B. Rabatt-Preise und 1 Flasche Sekt. Für 10 Treue-Punkte sogar 1 Stunde Limofahrt geschenkt!

...  unterstützt die Präventions-Aktionen von Polizei und AOK an Saar-Pfalz-Schulen.

Den Unterricht zu Themen wie richtiger Umgang mit Alkohol oder Internetgefahren könnt Ihr kostenlos an Eure Schule bestellen.

Beim anschließenden Test, was Ihr Euch vom Präventions-Vortrag gemerkt habt, gibt es eine Stunde Rundfahrt in einer Stretchlimousine zu gewinnen!


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Scattered showers
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Our drivers of the business sedans are on the road in all weathers. For stretch limousine orders you will get In case of storm, snow or ice automatically short-term information on the booking status by our customer service.